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Container for contact lenses. It is designed for cleaning, disinfecting and storing contact lenses. There is a clear mark of the divisions of left and right eye for easier setting. From the hygienic point of view we recommend to change the antibacterial containers every 3 months. ..
2.49лв. Ex Tax: 2.49лв.
There is no other sense organ that people think is as important as their eyesight, and sadly it is most often taken for granted. The eyes are our window to the world. Through them we perceive the environment. But they also give our face a unique expression and a mirror of our soul. Life without vi..
26.20лв. Ex Tax: 26.20лв.
Suitable for all who want to be different. When ordering a 3D container, we will contact you for further clarification of the type of container and its availability. ..
11.00лв. Ex Tax: 11.00лв.
Suitable for all. When ordering a box container for contact lenses and mirror, we will contact you for further clarification of the type of container and its availability. ..
6.99лв. Ex Tax: 6.99лв.
Enzyme tablets which efficiently remove protein deposits from all types of contact lenses.Besides conventional cleaning solutions, which must be used with these enzyme tablets to ensure complete elimination of protein deposits. Suffice it once a week to perform additional cleaning of Enzyme Aviz..
11.90лв. Ex Tax: 11.90лв.
FitLine Lutein - the world's first lutein and zeaxanthin eye product in liquid form.1) Helps repair the damaged mesh structure; 2) improves the circulation of blood in the tissues of the eye; (3) improves visual performance; 4) protects the eyes from ultraviolet rays; 5) stops the retina dys..
73.99лв. Ex Tax: 73.99лв.
Instructions for use:Okutiers® (Sodium Hyaluronate Solution 0.15%) Description Okutiers is a sterile, viscoelastic, clear corneal protective film without preservatives. It consists entirely of natural, biological substances. Okutiers mimics the effect of natural tears, protects, moisturizes and ..
23.40лв. Ex Tax: 23.40лв.
Sets suhranenie and maintenance of contact lenses in different colors and include a container box with a mirror, tweezers and a mini bottle of solution. The kit is suitable and convenient travel. The colors in the image are only indicative  ..
6.00лв. Ex Tax: 6.00лв.
Travel kit for contact lenses New -15%
This luxury kit is professionally designed to store and maintain contact lenses. It includes a special mirror, solution bottle, lens container, tweezers and contact lens applicator, a complete set suitable to meet your different needs.Feature: 1. Reflective coating design that has a delicate an..
12.94лв. 10.98лв. Ex Tax: 10.98лв.
Container peroxide cleaning of lenses. Vertical container with a basket for easy operation, thus avoiding removal of contact lenses solution with your fingers or tweezers. This reduces the risk of damage to the lenses. It is after inserting the lens in the container to rotate several times cover lef..
6.99лв. Ex Tax: 6.99лв.