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Adore Multipurpose solution 360ml

Out Of Stock Adore Multipurpose solution 360ml Adore Colors Eyemed Technologies
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Brand: Eyemed Technologies
Product Code: Разтвор за меки лещи
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Adore Multipurpose solution - multifunctional solution for lenses Eyemed Technologies - Italy. Cleaned, washed, disinfected, moisturizes and stores all kinds of soft contact lenses.

 Instructions for use:

Wash your hands thoroughly. Remove one contact lens and put it in his palm. Rinse it with a solution until wet out. Rub her gently with your finger for a few seconds. In order to fully remove all deposits, rinse the lens with another solution. Put it in the appropriate left or right socket of the container pre-filled with a solution Adore Multipurpose solution. Carefully and securely closed with the cap, making sure that the lens is completely submerged in the solution. Repeat with the other lens. Allow the lens to stay in the solution for at least 4 hours or overnight. Before inserting the lens in your eyes, rinse them with solution.


Do not touch the bottle opening, so as not to contaminate the solution. Do not use if the primary packaging is damaged. If the lenses are left in the storage container in the same solution for more than 7 days, repeat the procedure for cleaning of the lenses and the wells of the container with fresh solution Adore Multipurpose solution. Replace the container for storing lenses once a month to avoid the risk of contamination. Do not leave the container open until disinfect lenses. always throw the rest in the container solution after removing contact lenses.

The container should be changed regularly because of hygienic reasons. Replace container at least once every three months. This is also the period in which you can use the solution. If you use more time, the health of your eyes is at risk.

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