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BioAir 38FW (1 lenses)

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BioAir 38FW ™ are three-month lenses that are characterized by excellent comfort. They have an ultra-thin design and coating. Contact lenses protect the eyes from harmful UV radiation.
BioAir 38FW provide exceptional visual acuity from any distance and increased depth of field. They are an ideal choice because they also have an asymmetrical or uneven surface of the eye. In addition, BioAir 38FW ле lenses are extremely cheap, as one pair is enough for up to 3 months of use.

BioAir 38FW ™ - contact lenses with a sharper and much clearer image of vision at an extremely attractive price.

Thanks to the improved lens edge grinding technique, BioAir 38FW ™ retains its comfortable properties throughout the period of use. They are made of a material that is extremely gentle to the eye. The uniqueness of the material is based on its composition and internal structure, which resembles the cornea of ​​the eye and at the same time contains 42% water content. New generation of BioAir 38FW ме three-month lenses

Material: Poly-2-hydroxyethyl Methacrylate
Water content: 42%
UVA / UVB filter - Yes
Exchange mode: quarterly
Curvature: 8.70
Diameter: 14.20

До сега съм носила лещите на Contact Plus, но реших да пробвам тези и останах много доволна. Сравнено между двата модела тези са много по комфортни за мен. Давам максимална оценка.

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