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Biofinity Toric (3 lenses)

Biofinity Toric (3 lenses) Biofinity Toric CooperVision

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Brand: CooperVision
Product Code: Торични лещи
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Innovative Aquaform ™ technology - unique breathable silicone monomer, allowing the oxygen to flow more efficiently through the lens. The only lens svaeta produced by the 3rd generation silicone hydrogel material and the ability to continuously carry up to 30 days.

Biofinity are produced by the technology Aquaform, which does not use a surface treatment with a wetting agent, and the lenses are produced from naturally moist material. Suitable for patients with astigmatism, seeking the best quality, technology and comfort.

The unique toric design with equal horizontal symmetrical lens thickness throughout her profile confers resistance and stability, helping to reduce the rotation of the lens during the blink.

  • High resistance of the lens, regardless of bifocals for exceptional stability.
  • Stabilizing zone completely surrounds the optical zone for maximum stability and providing complete compatibility for correct positioning of each cylinder degree lens
  • The lenses remain moist and comfortable throughout the period of wear. Optimized design of the rear surface for optimal fit. A clear and healthy vision. Neutralization system aberrations.
  • Stable edge - optimized geometry edges for greater visual comfort mode wearing tailored lifestyle - daily placement, extended wear, long continuous wear up to 29 days


Material: Comfilcon A - AQUAFORM ™
Water content: 48%
Workflow: By pouring (Fully cast moulded)
Design: Optimized toric design with prismatic thickening
Landmarks marking: 1 marker 6:00
Oxygen portability: Dk / t 116
Oxygen permeability: Dk 128
Thickness center: 0.11 mm
Optical zone: 8.0 mm
Base curve: 8.7 mm
Diameter: 14.5 mm
Changing period: One month
Regime of wear: Daily or extended to 30 days continuous wear

MaterialSilicon Hydrogel
Packingbox 3 pcs.
Type Correctiontoric
Usage Periodmonthly
Много съм доволна точно от тези лещи. Не ги усещам изобщо и окото ми ги приема много добре. Препоръчвам ги.
Здравейте, благодаря за препоръчаните торични лещи BIOFINITY TORIC. Много са ми комфортни, смятам на тях да се спра. Виждам, че често пускате различни промоции и комплекти. Планувате ли промоция на тези торични леще плюс разтвор?
Здравейте, имам нужда от торична леща, която е с градус 80°, кога ще мога да я получа?

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