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Biotrue 60 ml

Special Biotrue 60 ml 60 ml - 120 ml Bausch + Lomb

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Brand: Bausch + Lomb
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Biotrue 60 ml
Biotrue 60 ml
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Lens solution Biotrue ™ is inspired by the physiology of your eyes. It not only cleans the contact lenses. This is the only solution that combines innovative achievements inspired by nature:

It comprises a lubricant which is present in natural form in the eye
A level of pH, identical to the composition of tears in the healthy eye
Helps preserve the beneficial functions of certain proteins in tears
Biotrue ™ acts like your eyes and gives you health and comfort you deserve when wearing contact lenses. With it, your eyes will feel much better!

Biotrue ™ provides unsurpassed disinfection good to keep your eyes in perfect health

Biotrue ™ offers a combination of dual system for unsurpassed disinfection and unique features inspired by nature - a level of pH, corresponding to that in the tears of healthy eye and control proteins.

Biotrue ™ contains hyaluronate - a natural eye lubricant

Biotrue ™ moisturizes contact lenses, just as the eye maintains moisture - with the help of lubricant hyaluronate (HA) - a substance that is present everywhere in the body.

A pH of the solution Biotrue ™ meets this tears the healthy eye

Healthy eyes constantly provide the perfect environment. Therefore the solution Biotrue ™ has a unique formula that meets the pH of tears - maintain natural conditions in the eye and activates the optimal dual system of disinfection.

 Biotrue ™ supports the natural eye functions of certain proteins

In its natural state in the eye antimicrobial proteins act - they are protecting the optic our body against microbes.
Sometimes as a result of external influences proteins lose their natural properties. Biotrue ™ helps to peel and remove losing quality proteins.

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