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22 Aug How do Biofinity and Biofinity Energys differ?
ocbg 0 265
Specifications and characteristics, shown comparisons of materials, technical characteristics and parameters of the two models. Here is a model with monthly contact contacts, developed and manufactured by CooperVision. Overall Biofinity Energys show..
05 Apr Contact lenses - Precautions during COVID 19
admin 0 1047
Empty supermarket shelves, global scarcity of hand disinfectants and protective masks, extraordinary news: Coronavirus or COVID-19 is everywhere. how it spreads. COVID-19 is a respiratory protective device that closes your lungs and airways. Join di..
01 Jan Introducing Clariti - New Generation Day Lenses
Nadya 0 552
CooperVision introduces you Clarit 1-day contact lenses with Wetloc technology. Affordable and extremely breathable, UV-protected daytime lenses. More and more patients are opting for the convenience of daytime lenses. But not all day lenses are the ..
25 Sep Lenses from the future
Nadya 0 1936
Responds daily to a tablet or smart phone. When driving a car, we use the dashboard at what speed it moves, whether there is gasoline and the region Imagine you could replace your phone or the dashboard of an intelligent car contact. Are you crazy, c..
09 May Test free cosmetic product
Nadya 4 3305
Test free cosmetic product, share your opinion, get paid Let the "Power" work for you! Try the latest and most innovative cosmetic products of global manufacturers, share your message about them and get reward for your participation If you are we..
22 Apr How to protect our eyes from the sun?
Nadya 0 1181
Summer is close. More and more often we have long sunny days. So light on the light we start thinking about our summer break. The sea, the beer, the breeze - Oh what a beauty! In spite of all the benefits, the break and the longer stays on the outs..
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