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Dailies Total 1- 90pcs.

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Brand: Alcon
Product Code: Еднодневни лещи
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Your eyes would have loved these contact lenses.

Dailies Total 1 are the first and only contact lens with a water gradient you wear them without feeling. Only after five days you will see that these lenses are right for you.

Designed with a surface of over 80% water, like the surface of your eye, high oxygen permeability, the beginning of a new era of comfort. Giving you silky smooth comfort, which is maintained until the end of the day.

Therefore now you can wear contact lenses without even feel them.

You blink more than 14,000 times a day.

 That's why your contact lenses need koprieneno - smooth surface to reduce irritation to the delicate eye tissue. Your eyes deserve the lenses that provide continuous comfort from start to finish of the day. The solution? Day contact lenses, osigurshvat exceptional comfort, blagodasrenie the revolutionary technology of production.

Silky-smooth surface for unique comfort.

 The innovative design features a unique water gradient that provides moisture to your eyes when you need it. Near 100% water content of the surface and silky-smooth surface of the contact lens provides comfort throughout the day. The result? 13 out of 14 consumers say they do not feel the contact lens in the eye.

To feel your eyes well and look healthy, they need to breathe.

  • Only 33% water content in the nucleus of the contact lens, it carries more oxygen to your eye, as compared to any other disposable lens.
  • Do not worry
  • Do not be nervous during your first time

The first time I put contact lenses may be predizvikatelstvo- this is normal, do not bother. Your eye specialist will help you and will graphically show how to place and remove. Once mastered the technique, the process will take a few seconds and easily become part of your everyday life.

More than 100 million users are satisfied with wearing contact lenses every day.

They like aesthetics, comfort and freedom. Wearing contact lenses makes them feel free and confident every day.

Material: Delefilcon A
Water content: 33% water + 67% A Delefilcon
Oxygen permeability: Dk / t: 156
Base curve: 8.5 mm
Diameter: 14.1 mm
Changing period: one day
Manufacturer: Alcon - CibaVision USA

BrandDailies Alcon
MaterialSilicon Hydrogel
Packingbox 30 pcs.
Type Correctionspheric
Usage Perioddaily
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