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Biofinity (1 box x 6)

Biofinity (1 box x 6)
Biofinity (1 box x 6)
Biofinity (1 box x 6)
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Biofinity (1 box x 6)
Biofinity (1 box x 6)
Biofinity (1 box x 6)

Water content:  48%
Design: aspherical
Oxygen portability Dk / t 160
Oxygen permeability: Dk 128
Base curve: 8.6 mm
Diameter / Radius: 14.0 mm
Changing period: 1 month
Mode of wear:  allowing extended continuous wear up to 30 days

Biofinity (1 box x 6)
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BIOFINITY 48% - month-spherical contact lens silicone - hydrogel continuous wear CooperVision, USA
Innovative Aquaform technology - unique silicone "breathable" monomer, allowing oxygen to pass more efficiently through the lens suitable for patients seeking the best combination of visual quality, health and innovation.

  • Lenses remain moist and comfortable throughout the period of wear
  • Optimaze design of the rear face for optimal fit
  • -More clear and healthy vision
  • Patent design edges - improves circulation and cross lens
  • Settlement of wear consistent with lifestyle - daily placement,
  • extended wear, long continuous wear up to 29 days

The only ones in the world with exclusive lens combination
48% water content and oxygen portability Dk / t = 160.
Now you can forget about problems with dryness and irritation. At the same time the contact lenses are resistant to harmful deposits on its surface.
Discover the comfort
All day, all night, a whole month!

Brand Biofinity
Material Silicon Hydrogel
Packing box 6 pcs.
Type Correction aspheric
Usage Period monthly

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