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Biofinity Energys (1 bx. х 3 pcs.)

Biofinity Energys  (1 bx. х 3 pcs.)
Biofinity Energys  (1 bx. х 3 pcs.)
Biofinity Energys  (1 bx. х 3 pcs.)
Biofinity Energys  (1 bx. х 3 pcs.)

Water content:  48%
Design: aspherical + Digital Zone Optics
Oxygen portability Dk / t 160
Oxygen permeability: Dk 128
Base curve: 8.6 mm
Diameter / Radius: 14.0 mm
Changing period: 1 month
Mode of wear:  allowing extended continuous wear up to 30 days

Biofinity Energys (1 bx. х 3 pcs.)
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Biofinity Energys®

Biofinity Energys®

Millions of people on the planet spend several hours a day using digital devices. This leads to significant eye strain. The computer visual syndrome, expressed in fatigue, dryness and redness of the eyes, is gaining the scale of a global epidemic. To eliminate the side effects listed above, CooperVision has developed a special model of contact lenses - Biofinity Energys. What are the main differences between Biofinity Energys and other contact lenses. First of all, in the design of the optical zone - Digital Zone Optics, which allows the user to freely move his gaze from the digital device in normal mode, without additional burden on the eyes. Combined with Aquaform technology, which retains moisture in the lenses throughout the period of use, Biofinity Energys will allow you to enjoy quality vision from morning to evening and, if necessary, around the clock.

Brand Biofinity
Material Silicon Hydrogel
Packing box 6 pcs.
Type Correction aspheric
Usage Period monthly

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