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What stops you buy contact lenses? Perhaps the necessity of daily care? Or worry that you will not be able to wear them and will only lose money? We present the most convenient and effective way to try contact lenses - lenses with a term of return one day. This means that every day brings new, absolutely clean and fresh contact lenses in the evening just throw them away.

Brand: CooperVision Model: Еднодневни лещи
Produced by Cooper Vision, one of the largest manufacturers of contact lenses, Biomedics 1 Day Extra guaranteed protect your eyes from drying out throughout the day. Due to the high water content (55%), these lenses allow the passage of more oxygen to the eye and you can enjoy excellent comfort to 1..
10.50 лв.
Brand: Bausch + Lomb Model: Еднодневни лещи
Biotrue One Day is a unique product manufactured by Bausch + Lomb. These one-day contact lenses are made of an innovative material inspired by the physiology of the eye - HyperGel ™. It combines the best features of classic hydrogel material and silicone-hydrogel. Biotrue One Day are designed to ..
12.00 лв.
Brand: Menicon- Miru Model: Еднодневни лещи
"The first lenses that exist in a completely different dimension" - that's what new experts from the Japanese Menicon contact lens company are describing their new works.The company is well known and has proven itself in the world market.Experts carry out in-depth research in the field of silicone p..
12.00 лв.
Brand: CooperVision Model: Мултифокални лещи
Proclear 1 Day Multifocal provide excellent vision at all distances. These contact lenses are a great choice if you feel dry eyes caused by age. With PC technology manufacturing, the material of each lens Proclear water attracts and retains moisture. Thus you can enjoy daily comfort. Proclear mimic..
18.90 лв.
Brand: Bausch + Lomb Model: Еднодневни лещи
One-day contact lenses SofLens Daily Disposable provide you with: CLEAR VISION AND COMFORT ALL DAY LONG The material of contact lenses and their modern design give you vlazhnyavasht lasting effect throughout the day. You will feel extremely udobnodokato wear lenses, even at the end of the day. ..
9.00 лв.
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