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QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS RELATED contact lenses and their uses
 1. Questions about contact lenses.
What is the minimum age from which you can wear contact lenses?
The average age at which a child can start wearing contact lenses was 13 years. It has been shown, however, that some younger children are mature enough to wear and care for contact lenses. The successful wearing contact lenses depends mostly on the responsible attitude of a child less than age.
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  Is it difficult to maintain contact lenses?
Technological and clinical advances made contact lenses very easy to use. To care for them is easy with multifunctional solutions cleaned, disinfected and stored equally well. And for you is the easiest, consider options for day lenses. Wear them during the day and evening just throw them away.
Find out more from the article "What to do and what not to do in the healthy maintenance of contact lenses."
  More expensive Are lenses of glasses?
The prices of contact lenses can be surprisingly affordable. In addition, to replace a lost contact lens is cheaper and easier compared to replacement or repair of broken glasses.
  Can I continue to use glasses when I started to wear lenses?
Of course. You can change the lenses of glasses, depending on your specific circumstances, needs and preferences. However, the lenses can be worn and permanently. The choice is yours.
  I do not need to constantly wear his glasses. Why are my lenses?
If you need a constant eye correction, contact lenses are an easy alternative to constantly remove and wearing glasses. And unlike glasses, contact lenses do not smudge, demisting fall and break, and at the same time reduces your peripheral vision.
  Can I wear contact lenses when playing sports?
Yes, contact lenses are very suitable for sports. They provide clean and clear vision without worrying whether they will mist up or fall during the game, as with glasses. You will not lose and peripheral vision, which for many sports is essential.
Read the article on contact lenses and sport. Part 1 and Part 2
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  I was told that I have astigmatism. Can I wear contact lenses?
Yes. Astigmatism is no longer a barrier to contact lenses. Contact lenses with astigmatism are called toric. Available from all major manufacturers.
Find out what is astigmatism, what to know when review of toric lenses and how to order.
  Can a contact lens get lost behind my eye?
No chance. It is physically impossible lens to get lost "behind" your eye. The eye is surrounded by a membrane which is associated with the inner part of the lid, so that the lens can not be lost.
  Can a contact lens to merge with my eye?
No. In general, contact lenses are removed from the eye easily. In early need just a little more patience and practice.
  Can a contact lens to pop out of my eye?
No, with quality fitting contact lens should stay in place throughout wear. Even in the rare cases when it shifted again remains of your eye and you can position again.
  Can a contact lens scratching my eye?
Problems with contact lenses can occur but are not common. The most common eye problems occur when lenses are poorly matched or do not follow the recommended period of use. If you feel discomfort or unusual changes in your vision, remove the lenses immediately and go to examination by an ophthalmologist.
  Do you often appear infections in wearing contact lenses?
Health problems associated with wearing contact lenses may occur, but this is rare. Most often they are associated with poor cleaning and maintenance of the lenses. If you follow the instructions for proper wear and care, you should not have a problem.
  How allergies affect contact lenses?
Allergies carried by air, such as pollen, dust and hair from animals can accumulate on the lenses and cause you discomfort. To prevent this, use disposable lenses. They wearer comfort is increased considerably compared with the lenses worn for more than two weeks.
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  What material is a hydrogel?
The hydrogel is soft polymer comprising water. It is used for making contact lenses.
  What material is silicone-hydrogel?
Silicone hydrogel is a new generation of polymers, used to make lenses. It is characterized with much better properties than other materials.
Find out why the silicone hydrogel material of the future of this article. Part 1, 2 and 3.
  What does Dk and Dk / t?
Dk, or oxygen permeability, is the amount of air that can pass through the material of the lens. Dk / t, or oxygen portability indicates how much air passes through the lens to determine its thickness.
I wear glasses and want to replace them with lenses. Should I change diopter lens?

Diopter contact lens changes when it is over 4.00. When the diopter below this value does not change. * See table on how changes diopters respectively plus and minus lenses:
Change in diopter lens
 * Table for calculating diopters of contact lens diopters glasses in vertex distance of 12 mm

2. Supply
 How long does the delivery of a product from
Deadlines for delivery of ordered goods through the website within 48 hours for the area around Bulgaria for all available products and 20 days for goods that are not in stock (the availability of each product is described). Lensmarket Ltd reserves the right, after informing the user to extend these periods of seven days.
3. Payment
 How can I pay my order?
There are three ways to make a payment.
- Cash on Delivery
- Bank transfer
- The system of
Read more about payment methods.
4. Basic Information About
Who supplies contact lenses and accessories?
All our products are available directly from the manufacturer or an authorized representative for Bulgaria.
How To Choose from any online store contact lenses to buy?
Buying lenses is not exactly the same as buying a "standard" product from the Internet. If you have not shopped contact lenses on the Internet, this section of the site worth reading. It contains our recommendations on what to observe when selecting your online service provider:
- The store provides you tips on how to wear and how to care for contact lenses?
- The online store offers you competitive prices?
- Contacts online store (phone, address, city) easy to find?
- The store provides you with contact lenses from Bulgarian suppliers?
- Website it look professional?
If the online store you have chosen meets all these criteria, you can rest assured that purchase from a reliable company.

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