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Kristalens 250ml

Kristalens 250ml
Kristalens 250ml
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Kristalens MultipleEffect Technology is a combined solution for cleaning, disinfecting, washing and storage specifically designed for your hard lenses. The compound combination of ingredients provides excellent protection of the lens and the eye of bacteria and microbes, as well as excellent wearing comfort, combined with a strong detergent and cleaning action guaranteed by the new formula Kristalens X-Clear. The solution eliminates nested on the lenses when used daily proteins, lipids and other contaminants, making it a great choice for new rigid gas permeable lenses. It is suitable for patients with sensitive eyes, while maintaining the pH of the eye and contributes to the natural moisture of the eye during the day. Each solution Kristalens and receive a gift container lenses.

For even better cleaning of the lens periodically, after two or three days, are plotted on the lens 1-2 drops of
solution and gently with the thumb and forefinger lens
cleaned for 30 seconds, and then washed with the solution and placed in a storage container.

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