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Lacrima Artificialae 10ml (artificial tear)

Lacrima Artificialae 10ml (artificial tear)
Lacrima Artificialae 10ml (artificial tear)
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Lacrima Artificialae used in dry eye, which occurs when wearing contact lenses for continuous operation with computer, air conditioning, pollution / dust, smoke / in visual fatigue.
In these cases it is recommended the use of artificial tears, which resumes the protective tear film on the surface of the eye and thereby leads to the relief of symptoms of dry eye.
It can be dripped directly onto the lenses in discomfort.
Action: The artificial tear has lubricating, moisturizing and disinfecting properties.
How to use: Before placing the contact lenses, apply 1-2 drops of preparation on each lens. In dry eyes or visual
Fatigue is applied 2-3 drops in each eye three or more times daily.

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