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Optima FW (1 lens)

Optima FW (1 lens)
Optima FW (1 lens)
Optima FW (1 lens)
Optima FW (1 lens)

Material: Polymacon hydrogel)
Water content: 38.6%
Oxygen permeability: Dk / t: 24.30
Base curve: 8.7 mm
Diameter: 14.00 mm
Regime of wearing: daily insertion and removal
Changing period: three months
Manufacturer: BAUSCH + LOMB

Optima FW (1 lens)
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Optima FW contact lenses with low water content, but it has its advantages because it requires plenty of eyes tear secretion. In these lenses feeling of dryness is extremely rare. Therefore Optima FW are particularly suitable in terms of dry and hot climate; when working on a computer; in patients with a feeling of dryness with the use of other types of lenses. They offer an ideal balance between excellent quality and affordable price for all patients.

Material Hidrogel
Packing By 1 pc.
Type Correction spheric
Usage Period 3 months

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