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PMMA UV Klokotnica (1 pc.)

PMMA UV Klokotnica (1 pc.)
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Material - PMMA Polymethyl Methacrylate)
Diopter - from ± 0,00 to ± 25,00 D in 0,25D)
Diameter - from 7,50 mm to 10,00 mm
Shade of color - PMMA clear
PMMA lenses with UV protection - gray
Changing period - 1 year
Regime of wear - Daily insertion and removal
Manufacturer: Eye Optic and correction - Bulgaria

PMMA UV Klokotnica (1 pc.)
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MMA and PMMA UV gaznepropusklivite are hard contact lenses. They snabndyavaneto corneal oxygen occurs primarily through slazoobmena. This type of lenses have excellent optical properties, non-toxic, high correct astigmatism. Available in versions with or without UV protection.


PMMA, PMMA UV - 25.00 lev / pc.
PMMA, PMMA UV diopters to ± 10,00 ± 25,00 D - 35.00 lev / pc.

Delivery: These lenses are claimed by appointment. Delivery takes about 5 working 

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