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ReNu MultiPlus 360ml

ReNu MultiPlus 360ml
ReNu MultiPlus 360ml
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Now - a new transparent bottle with indicator recharge!
ReNu® MultiPlus combined solution for soft contact lenses Bausch & Lomb:
Unsurpassed categorically proven time disinfecting activity exceeding ISO / FDA criteria
 With built cleaning composition of the proteins / HYDRANATE / - no need for further enzyme cleaning in daily use of the solution
compatible with all types of soft contact lenses, including silicone hydrogel these
most test solution worldwide
ReNu® MultiPlus is a unique combination of components, creating a feeling of freshness:

1. Dymed - agent with superior disinfectant activity, which effectively destroys microorganisms on the surface of contact lenses.

Disinfection activity ReNu® MultiPlus is proven under extreme conditions, exceeding the modern criteria for admission of such product on the market. This makes it the most tested and most tested solution for soft contact lenses in the world.

2. Poloxamine - remove lipids and other contaminants from the surface of the lens for better zrenie

                      - Provides long-wetting lens for excellent comfort to the end of the day.

3. Hydranate - daily removes protein deposits accumulate on the lenses during their stay in the eye.


Now ReNu® MultiPlus is available in a new transparent bottle with a red indicator line that reminds you that the solution is running out and it is time to buy a new package.

ReNu MultiPlus® moisturizes and cleans the lens so well that you feel as if you wear a new pair of lenses each day.

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