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Solex Lux 350 ml

Solex Lux 350 ml
Solex Lux 350 ml
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Solex Lux MultipleEffect Technology e combined solution for disinfection, storage and rinsing contact leshti.S new lightweight and gentle on the eye formula Clear Eye it ensures exceptional comfort in highly sensitive eyes, maintaining hydration of the eye throughout the day. The solution has a pH, identical with that of the eye, so there is no sense of discomfort. Suitable for all types of contact lens wear period to 6 months. The unique combination of ingredients keeps lenses moist and clean, providing excellent feeling throughout the day and protects the health of your eye. By the solution Solex Lux is achieved good antimicrobial effect. When buying a solution and receive a gift sterile container lenses.


Manufacturer: Eye Optic and correction - Bulgaria, Sofia, str. 22 Klokotnitsa

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