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Find a variety of large cuts solutions for contact lenses - from 380 to 500 ml. Buy your favorite solution

BioTrue 360ml + 60 ml free
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Brand: Bausch + Lomb Model: Разтвор за лещи
Lens solution Biotrue ™ is inspired by the physiology of your eyes. It not only cleans the contact lenses. This is the only solution that combines innovative achievements inspired by nature: It comprises a lubricant which is present in natural form in the eye A level of pH, identical to the comp..
24.99 лв. 35.80 лв.
Brand: Omisan Model: Разтвор за лещи
Omisan is an Italian company. Successfully develop and present its natural products since the late eighties. With extreme care requirements apply to products intended for eye care and contact lenses, putting a natural, natural ingredients. This distinguishes the company's products from the tradition..
19.99 лв.
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