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Univers 250ml

Univers 250ml
Univers 250ml
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Univers MultipleEffect Technology multifunctional biocompatible combined solution suitable for both soft and hard contact lenses. With its new formula Uni Clear Univers ensure high quality of cleaning, extremely effective removal of layered lenses in everyday use, protein, lipid and other deposits and strong antimicrobial and antifungal effect. Prevents the formation and accumulation of deposits deposits on the lens surface. Ensure quality care for your eyes, providing all day comfort and moisturizing eye. Suitable for patients prone to allergies. pH is identical to that of the eye and does not cause irritation.

Each solution Univers and receive a gift container lenses.

For even better cleaning of the lens periodically, after two or three days, are plotted on the lens 1-2 drops of
solution and gently with the thumb and forefinger lens
cleaned for 30 seconds, then washed with a solution
and placed in a storage container.


Manufacturer: Eye Optic and correction - Bulgaria, Sofia, str. 22 Klokotnitsa

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