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Correct and accurate. I am amazed at their low prices. Almost twice as low as the optic she'd bought before.
- Lora Stavreva
Client for several years. Extremely pleased with the service and quick way to order through the site.
- Alexandra Tsoneva
Just great. Always correct in my work, I have no remarks about both products and services.
- Petya Hristova
I have been a customer for 3 years and I can only say one. Hope there are more such companies in Bulgaria.
- Mincho Petkov
Extremely correct! Good prices, excellent service!
- Vasilka Yanachkova
Thanks for correct attitude, excellent communication and professionalism! You will surely benefit from your services again! Greetings!
- Emilia Dyakova
Fast and easy service. They got my prescription even if it's pretty hard to find (Toric lenses). Price is better than other online stores.
- Pierre Labie

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Soft contact lenses Specialty 55% - are manufactured in advanced technology and have the following q..
text_tax 10.50лв.
BIOFINITY 48% - month-spherical contact lens silicone - hydrogel continuous wear CooperVision, USA ..
text_tax 12.29лв.
Now - a new transparent bottle with indicator recharge! ReNu® MultiPlus combined solution for soft ..
text_tax 4.99лв.
Now - a new transparent bottle with indicator recharge! ReNu® MultiPlus combined solution for soft ..
text_tax 15.98лв.
Air Optix Plus HydraGlyde (1 lenses) -31%
It's easy to forbid that you have lensesAir Optix® plus HydraGlyde® breathing contact lenses pro..
16.00лв. 10.99лв.
text_tax 10.99лв.
OPTI-FREE EXPRESS is a multipurpose solution that providesreal comfort. With this solution..
text_tax 17.98лв.
AIR OPTIX for ASTIGMATISM  (1 pcs.) -25%
AIR OPTIX ASTIGMATISM - toric contact lensesJust because you have astigmatism does not mean you ..
19.90лв. 14.98лв.
text_tax 14.98лв.
Avaira Vitality UV (6 pcs.) New -32%
Avaira Vitality contact lenses effectively address the problem of dehydration in the corneal area du..
72.00лв. 48.97лв.
text_tax 48.97лв.
Contact lenses, which put an end to discomfort in monthly contact lenses.Recent researches have ..
19.50лв. 14.97лв.
text_tax 14.97лв.
BioTrue 360ml + 60 ml free -30%
Lens solution Biotrue ™ is inspired by the physiology of your eyes. It not only cleans the contact l..
35.80лв. 24.99лв.
text_tax 24.99лв.
Miru 1 month Menicon (1 lens) -14%
Well-known Japanese company Menicon, has launched innovative one-month silicone hydrogel contact len..
15.00лв. 12.84лв.
text_tax 12.84лв.
SOFLENS NATURAL COLORS NEW (2 pc.) + Renu 60ml -21%
Now change the color of your eyes is so easy, with colored lenses SofLens Natural Colors.Ten col..
57.00лв. 45.00лв.
text_tax 45.00лв.
Travel kit for contact lenses New -15%
This luxury kit is professionally designed to store and maintain contact lenses. It includes a speci..
12.94лв. 10.98лв.
text_tax 10.98лв.
Introducing Clariti - New Generation Day Lenses

Introducing Clariti - New Generation Day Lenses

Яна Блехова 01/01/2020 0
CooperVision introduces you Clarit 1-day contact lenses with Wetloc technology. Affordable and extremely breathable, UV-protected daytime lenses. More and more patients are opting for the co...
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Lenses from the future

Lenses from the future

Яна Блехова 25/09/2019 0
Responds daily to a tablet or smart phone. When driving a car, we use the dashboard at what speed it moves, whether there is gasoline and the region Imagine you could replace your phone or t...
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Test free cosmetic product

Test free cosmetic product

Яна Блехова 09/05/2019 2
Test free cosmetic product, share your opinion, get paidLet the "Power" work for you! Try the latest and most innovative cosmetic products of global manufacturers, share your message about t...
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How to protect our eyes from the sun?

How to protect our eyes from the sun?

Яна Блехова 22/04/2019 0
Summer is close. More and more often we have long sunny days. So light on the light we start thinking about our summer break. The sea, the beer, the breeze - Oh what a beauty! In spite of al...
Read more is helping visually impaired children is helping visually impaired children

Яна Блехова 05/11/2018 1
Last week, on November 1, the Executive Director of our online shop, Lubomir Kabakchiev, donated to Louis Braille School, a result of the one-year campaign of online store and ...
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