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"Eye optic and correction" is the only manufacturer in Bulgaria of soft and hard contact lenses and solutions for them. The company has nearly 50 years of experience in the market, constantly focuses on information about developments in the field of eye optics and ophthalmology. Guarantee the quality of products has implemented quality management system according to ISO 9001: 2008, ISO 13485: 2003 and Directive 93/42 / EEC / 2007/47 / EO.

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These lenses provide excellent wearing comfort due to high kislorodoprenosimost and availability of front hydrophilic surface of the lens. Have a very good wettability, through which resistant lipoprotein deposits. Suitable for continuous wear. ..
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Gas permeable lenses CONTAPERM CONTAPERM and UV are more flexible and have a high oxygen permeability. They can correct several diopters corneal astigmatism. If necessary, can be made lenses for patients with keratoconus or after surgery of the cornea, as well as cosmetic lenses allegedly painted ir..
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 Daily annual lenses. Sustainable and stable. Provide good mobility on the eye.Ensure clear vision in all conditions.Correct astigmatism up to 1.00 D. It is easily installed and removed.These qualities lenses provide maximum visual acuity, reliability and security.Suitable f..
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 Daily annual lenses. Maintain higher portability oxygen to the eye. Have UV protection. Sustainable and stable. Convenient and easy to manipulate. Suitable for patients seeking the best combination of casual comfort, easy fitting and quality of lenses.Price diopters ± 10,00 D to ± 20,0..
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Comfortable handling lenses. Extremely comfortable due to their thin and precise edge. Suitable for extended regime of daily wear, due to precision manufacturing. Have UV protection. For patients with sensitive eyes experiencing symptoms of dryness or eye strain. Easy insertion and removalUsage:..
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 The lenses are made of a polymer with high water content and low deposition of proteins, which provides excellent comfort and clear vision in extended mode nosene.Imat UV protection. Suitable for patients with sensitive eyes. Reduce eye strain after prolonged computer work, or artificiall..
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 The high water content of this type of lenses provides high portability and allows oxygen extended wear or continuous wear continuously up to 7 days. Provide great comfort and perfect visual acuity. They can also be used as therapeutic lenses. Suitable for patients with sensitive eyes...
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Hexalens MultipleEffect Technology Combined solution for cleaning, disinfection, storage and washing soft contact lenses. With all its renewed formula Soft clear solution ensures excellent antibacterial and antimicrobial effect and powerful disinfecting ability, and great tolerance of the eye in pe..
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Radically new development of materials for rigid gas permeable lenses. The unique technology "Fluid surface" allows hydration of the boundary surface of the lens, thus forming a border hidrofilm which help increase kislorodoprenosimostta and regular supply of oxygen to the cornea. B..
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Kristalens MultipleEffect Technology is a combined solution for cleaning, disinfecting, washing and storage specifically designed for your hard lenses. The compound combination of ingredients provides excellent protection of the lens and the eye of bacteria and microbes, as well as excellent wearing..
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Lacrima Artificialae used in dry eye, which occurs when wearing contact lenses for continuous operation with computer, air conditioning, pollution / dust, smoke / in visual fatigue. In these cases it is recommended the use of artificial tears, which resumes the protective tear film on the surface o..
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  Характеристики: Optimum Comfort Optimum Extra Optimum Extreme Материал Copolymer of Fluorine, Silicone and Alkyl Methacrylates Copolymer of Fluorine, Silicone and Alkyl Methacrylates Copolymer of Fluorine, Silicone and Alkyl Metha..
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MMA and PMMA UV gaznepropusklivite are hard contact lenses. They snabndyavaneto corneal oxygen occurs primarily through slazoobmena. This type of lenses have excellent optical properties, non-toxic, high correct astigmatism. Available in versions with or without UV protection.Prices:PMMA, PM..
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Regardless of the presence of complex solutions for disinfection, storage and cleaning of soft contact lenses, PUROhydrogel is irreplaceable when using lenses designed to carry more than one month. The preparation is a sterile isotonic solution that removes easily layered on the lens when used daily..
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Irrespective of the presence of the combined solutions for disinfection, storage and cleaning hard contact lenses. PUROplast used for deeper cleaning of hard lenses, and is necessary for optimal comfort, as it removes easily layered on the lens when used daily proteins, lipids and other deposits. Us..
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The first Bulgarian colored lenses! The new generation of six-colored lenses Soflecon Color lend new color of your eyes and wear comfortably all day.Soflecon Color is available with or without Diopter.The variety of 8 colors include light and dark tones of blue, green and brown + gray (P..
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Solex Lux MultipleEffect Technology e combined solution for disinfection, storage and rinsing contact leshti.S new lightweight and gentle on the eye formula Clear Eye it ensures exceptional comfort in highly sensitive eyes, maintaining hydration of the eye throughout the day. The solution has a pH, ..
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Univers MultipleEffect Technology multifunctional biocompatible combined solution suitable for both soft and hard contact lenses. With its new formula Uni Clear Univers ensure high quality of cleaning, extremely effective removal of layered lenses in everyday use, protein, lipid and other deposits a..
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