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Hibrid FS Eye Optic- 1pc.

Special Hibrid FS Eye Optic- 1pc. Optic Klokotnica Eye Optic Клокотница

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Brand: Eye Optic Клокотница
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Radically new development of materials for rigid gas permeable lenses.
The unique technology "Fluid surface" allows hydration of the boundary surface of the lens, thus forming a border hidrofilm which help increase kislorodoprenosimostta and regular supply of oxygen to the cornea. By thus providing a smooth and fully hydrated surface of the contact lens and a good wettability. wettability of the lens provides a stable tear film over the lens and prevents the accumulation of lipoprotein deposits.


ХарактеристикиHibrid FSHibrid FS+
МатериалCopolymer of Fluorine, Silicone and
Alkyl Methacrylates
Copolymer of Fluorine, Silicone and
Alkyl Methacrylates
Dk (кислородна пропускливост)3160
Диоптър±0.00 до ±25.00 (през 0.25D)±0.00 до ±25.00 (през 0.25D)
Диаметърот 7.50 mm до 10.00 mmот 7.50 mm до 10.00 mm
Нюанс на оцветяванесинсин
Цена:70.00 лв.80.00 лв.
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