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I. Subject
Art. 1. Lansmarket BG Ltd , street. 542, 12, Sofia, 1516, VAT:204867508 at the address of Lensmarket. The Lensmarket is a registered trademark of Lensmarket.bg, which is a registered trademark of Lensmarket.bg and a copy of which is attached to the "Lensmarket.bg" web site. Bg ".
II. Datta of the provider
Art. 2. Inflammation eyebrows Eyebrows and eyebrows:
1. Domain Name: Lensmarket BG  Ltd
2. Cedars and Addresses: 542rd Street, 12th PO 1517
3. Acknowledgment of objection and response to complaints by: Sofia 1000, Oborishte, Ul. Aleko Konstantinov 3-5, office 4
4. Background: Bulgaria, pp. Cofia 1000, Oborishte, Ul. Aleko Konstantinov 3-5, office 4, E-mail: office@lensmarket.bg
5. Briefing in pugilistic petitions: VAT204867508 Hops for the preparation of personal data: No 437398

6. Threats:
(1) The Commission for the Protection of Personal Data
Apepec: pp. Coiff, Yl. Ivan Evcatiyev Geshov № 15,
Tel .: (02) 940 20 46
(02) 940 36 40
Email: kzld@government.bg, kzld@cpdp.bg
Ueb cait: www.cpdp.bg
(2) The Commission for the Protection of Human Rights
Apepec: 1000 Sofia, 4A "Clayev" Square, et.3, 4 and 6,
Tel .: 02/980 25 24
Fax: 02/988 42 18
Dropline: 0700 111 22
website: www.kzp.bg
(3) Commission for the Protection of Competition
Cofia 1000, br. "Bitos" №18
Tellefon: (02) 935 61 13
Fax: (02) 980 73 15
website: www.cpc.bg
III. About the platform
Art. 3. Lensmarket.bg is a platfopm is e commerce, with web address http://www.Lensmarket.bg, the user can buy their goods
1. Do you have a pegging and follow-up to the company's Leadership at Lensmarket.bg and use the comprehensive information training?
2. To check the availability, time, date and time of the call;
3. Do you want to know what to do and how to do it, which is provided by Lensmarket.com?
4. To make specific entries in the keypads in the Lensmarket.com contact box, enter the contact details of the Lensmarket.co.uk phone.
5. How to get information about new products that are listed in the Lensmarket.com mailing list?
6. To make any statements in the key or to perform a meeting in the Lensmarket.bg contact for the Lensmarket.bg counterparty, you will be contacted at Lensmarket.com.
7. Should you be aware of the changes that happen to be made by the Lensmarket.bg sales representative at Intpenet?
8. Do the following when trying to protect yourself from a problem.
Art. 4.Supplier of the platphorm Lensmarket.bg organize the delivery of the ordered goods, according to Bulgarian low.
Art. 5. (1) Use the contact key in the Lensmarket.com contact box for contact information at http://www.lensmarket.com. The key word of the Bulgarian language and what is involved in the basics of the Desktop in the box.
(2)  Use the password if you want to know more about the contact information of the Lensmarket.com counter.
(3) Use of the Lensmarket.bg project, which has been issued in the Lensmarket.bg office, for the use of the Lensmarket.bg auction and the relevant publications. This is done at the end of the day at the Lensmarket.com office at the Lensmarket.com sales office at Intenet.
(4) The Lensmarket.com salesperson slaughtered a person who would have made a statement of the use of the information contained in the Lensmarket.co.uk contract and brochure.

IV. Registration and use of  LENSMARKET.BG
Art. 7. (1) To use Lensmarket.com for the key messages for the subscription of the data, Use any password and password for a separate document.
(2) The name and address of the third party used by the User, for the purposes of the Universal Pegging in the Marketplace of the Lensmarket.bg counterpart, shall be considered in the following manner.
(3) With filll your data, you are agree to this Terms and Conditions , The user declare that he is read the Terms and Conditions and Accept the rules of them
(4) The Lensmarket.com docking machine provides the user with the help you need to use the Lensmarket.com product using the customized reference. The end user and user IDs in the Lensmarket.co.uk call log will start.
(5) How to use the printer Use the following items to check the correct date and time. They use how long it takes to respond to the challenges posed by the petition.

(6) The contact of Lensmarket.com.com does not allow you to use the contact details for the contact and the mailboxes of the mailbox - also in the case of a mailbox, as well as in a coincidental way.
V. Technical Skiils during buy -selling agreement 
Art. 8. Use the Instant Messaging Agent on the Lensmarket.com Store to locate the Dossier Queries on the Lensmarket.com Store.
Art. 9. Use the contact key for the contact information in the Lensmarket.bg mailbox to the following template:
(1) Executing Pegging in the Lensmarket.bg Marketplace and conducting research on any of these issues, such as using this feature in the Lensmarket.bg auction.
(2) Close to the customer for the Lensmarket.bg sale and for the specifics of the company;
(3) Canceling or removing the device from the Lensmarket.co.uk shop, and making copies of them to the customer.
(4) Copy of a copy of the customer data sheets to the Lensmarket.com mailbox so that it can be used as a stand-alone discovery tool.
(5) Tips for working with the printer;
(6) Copy the file and the file for the file.
(7) How do I pay?
VI. Subject of the Agreement
Art. 10. (1) The supllier Lensmarket.bg and the users agree suparate agreement for selling the goods, orederd by users.
(2) The Lensmarket.com auctioneer can opt for a single and one-on-one application for specific email alerts for the content of the site. Useful information on the use of information from the Lensmarket.bg office, which is accessible to the user, is used in the application area.
(3) Uses of the user in the applications that are related to the application for a subscription. Making the most of the time in the past, as well as silently speaking, on the occasion of the talks on the topic of the event. 
Art. 11. How to use the call for help Use the call and call waiting and the call when you are on the go.
Art. 12. You can use the mailbox to send a mailbox once you have reached the address of the recipient or the user.

VII. Special clauses that apply to persons who are considered as consumers within the meaning of consumer protection law
Art. 13. (1) Πpavilata na nactoyashtiya pazdel VII from the this refined Terms ycloviya ce ppilagat edinctveno cppyamo Πolzvateli, charter ĸoito cpoped dannite, pococheni charter cĸlyuchvane na dogovopa charter poĸypĸo-ppodazhba, or when pegictpatsiyata in Lensmarket.bg, mozhe ea ce nappavi izvod, flashover ca potpebiteli in low cmicala na na Zaĸona charter zashtita potpebitelite, Zaĸona charter eleĸtponnata tapgoviya and / or na Dipeĸtiva 97/7 / EO na na Evpopeycĸiya paplament and Caveta of 20 may 1997. godina otnocno zashtitata na na potpebitelya in low otnoshenie dogovopite from the pazctoyanie.
(2) The Lensmarket.bg auctioneer does not advise against the use of any of the products or services provided by a person who has been contacted by the Lensmarket.bg contractor. 1;
Art. 14. (1) Occupations of any of the persons referred to in the Lensmarket.bg contract as a participant in the mailing list of any of the Lensmarket.bg contracts.
(2) You are provided with a number of keyboards and other features of the Lensmarket.com counter and are excluded from the mailbox in the mailbox as well as in the Lensmarket.bg contact.
(3) Ctoynoctta na poshtencĸite or tpancpoptnite Charges, nevĸlyucheni in tsenata na ctoĸite ce oppedelya from the Doctavchiĸa in platfopmata Lensmarket.bg and ce ppedoctavya ĸato infopmatsiya na na Πolzvatelite when tool izbipane ctoĸite charter cĸlyuchvane na dogovopa charter poĸypĸo-ppodazhba;
(4) Research, development and implementation of the research in the field of information and information, used in the context of the Lensmarket.bg project.
(5) Information that has been used in this material is the reason for its disclosure in the Lensmarket.bg auction, which is the key to the discussion of the case.
(6) The use of all the features of the Qualified Information Protection Tool can be traced back to the Lensmarket.com contact information or e-mail address.
Art. 15. (1) The customer who is interested in using the Lensmarket.bg auction will be able to send a copy of the relevant documents to the contact person for the specifics and circumstances of the application.
(2) The respondents have been killed by the camera or by the camera at Lensmarket.com for the purpose of doing so or in the course of their work.
(3) B is the fact that the value of the Passport is equal to or higher than BGN 15,000, which is the same as the price paid for or paid to the Client.
Art. 16. (1) Πotpebitelyat ima ppavo, bez ea due obezshtetenie or neyctoyĸa and bez ea pocochva ppichina, ea ce otĸazhe from the cĸlyucheniya dogovop in cpoĸ 14 days from the cchitano datata na na ppiemane ctoĸata from the izbpanite chpez platfopmata Lensmarket.bg doctavchitsi chpez the Single fopmylyap For the company of the company in the field of Lensmarket.bg at the www.lensmarket.bg site www.promotions.com
(2) Back to top 1 What do you think about in the following categories:
1. for the processing of data sent to the candidate or for any individual subject-matter;
2. For those who have been able to do so in the event of a change in their status or status;
3. To view the files that have been browsed by them, and to be able to use them for inaccuracies or security threats?
4. for the treatment of persons who have been treated and who have been persuaded of such offenses as those who can not be dealt with;
5. to view the sound clips or sound clips or sound clips, such as viewfinder;
6. for the production of vetches, specimens or reprints, in the form of a disclaimer for the designation of the product;
(1) Kogato potpebitelyat e yppazhnil ppavoto ci na otĸaz from the dogovopa from the pazctoyanie or from the dogovopa outside tapgovcĸiya obeĸt, Doctavchiĸat vazctanovyava vcichĸi cymi, polycheni from the potpebitelya, vĸlyuchitelno pazxodite charter doctavĸa, bez neoppavdano zabavyane and have failed in low-ĸacno of 14 days cchitano from the The time has been spent on the job of the interviewer. The counselor recovers.

2) Know how long it takes to make inquiries and how to find out how to do it and how to get it done. 1. Whether you are looking for a circular view of the interviews.

(3) User can deny  the agreement with Supplier when use the email or form on: www.lensmarket.bg.com in platfopmata Lensmarket.bg..
Art. 17. (1) The price of the account shall be made in the form of a copy of the receipt of the credit for the account holder in the Lensmarket.bg transaction.
(2) B clychay flashover Πotpebitelyat and Doctavchiĸat in platfopmata Lensmarket.bg DO NOT ca oppedelili cpoĸ charter doctavĸa, cpoĸat na na doctavĸa ctoĸite e 30 days from the cchitano datata, cledvashta izppashtaneto na na popachĸata potpebitelya Until Doctavchiĸa chpez cayta na Doctavchiĸa in platfopmata Lensmarket. Bg.
(3) If the Lensmarket.com auctioneer can not fulfill the requirements of the Lensmarket.bg, it will not be able to do so because it does not have to do so for that person and for the recruiting of the team.
Art. 18. The Lensmarket.com transaction has been designed to provide you with a variety of features, products and services that are available in the UK, including, but not limited to, electronic invoices, quotes and subscriptions.
Art. 19. (1) The Lensmarket.com counter may support the use of the Lensmarket.com software and use it to use the customized dashboard in the Dropbox.
(2) If the alphabet has been set, 1 DO NOT e izpichno ygovopen mezhdy ctpanite when tool cĸlyuchvaneto na dogovopa, Doctavchiĸat in platfopmata Lensmarket.bg opganizipa doctavĸata and ppedavaneto na ctoĸata from the caotvetniya doctavchiĸ or dictpibytop in pazymen cpoĸ, no DO NOT guidance in ĸacno of 2 mecetsa.
Art. 20. (1) Use the request in the context of the application and the request and the response of the advertiser of the project to the Lensmarket.bg counter.
(2) If you are using the Lensmarket.com desktop browser, 1 as long as you want to respond to the job you are experiencing.
(3) It has implications for the following categories of persons:
- Contact lenses are used and / or stored improperly.
- Contact lenses are individually ordered and have no factory defect found.
Art. 21. The cost of the Lensmarket.bg auction is not the same as that of the company.
Art. 22. You will not be able to do this in the same way that you are in the right position in the General Affairs.
Art. 23. (1) The Lensmarket.bg auctioneer shall advise on the protection of personal data in the Use of Privacy Policy for the Protection of Personal Data.
(2) For the purposes of personal data usage, the Lensmarket.com account will have to provide an e-mail address that has been contacted by the User in the Pegged Clip.
(3) The Lensmarket.com counterparts are responsible for generating an account in the public domain of the User, even if the workpiece has been stolen from the Lensmarket.com account.
Art. 24. (1) Any moment, Supplier of the platform Lensmarket.bg can want form the user additional data information about the truph of their data

1) Personal data of visitors and registered users for the purpose of advertising, sale and supply of contact lenses and accessories for them, as well as for the ancillary activities related to with them. Here you can find out all the information about our Privacy Policy: https://bit.ly/2kwuTN2

(2) Tools related to the management of your data through the GDPR Regulation can be found here: https://bit.ly/2xhAH6E

Art. 25. (1) The total number of users allowed to be counted in the Lensmarket.bg account shall be the same as the date of access to the application for any other eligible Users.
(2) The Lensmarket.com Marketplace and Session Counter Use the Scope of Completion and Removals

Art. 26. The Lensmarket.bg dacta
Https:  // www. Lensmarket.bg/obshti-usloviq/en, as well as some additions and extensions in it.
Art. 27. Hacking and answering machines Use the Lensmarket.com contact box in the following categories:
• information and publicity in publicity or publicity at the moment of the hearing of a journalist;
• in the form of a spherical cake;
• the official authority of some of the parties to conduct the implementation of the contract?
• Estimation or warning of coping with dangers;

https: // www. Lensmarket.bg/obshti-usloviq/en