When you are a child, the whole world is in front of you, but when you do not see it, it has other dimensions. Learning is an invaluable gift, and every child has the right to education.

In such moments it is of the utmost importance to have someone to hand us and someone to show us the direction. For this reason, Lensmarket.bg decided to support the daily lives of children in need. And from now on, 1% of the value of each order will be earmarked in the Christmas Fund, which will go to the Louis Braille School for Children with Disabilities.
 Louis Braille Sofia is a special state school in which the blind and sighted children from all over the country aged 5 to 19 live and study.

Lensmarket.bg aims to improve the environment for children with visual problems. We believe that even for a moment you can imagine what it feels like not to see the sun in the morning or the face of the loved one you will understand why it is so important that we all get together.
We believe that a spring bird does not, so we decided to set aside all of our turnover throughout the year to improve the environment in Louis Braille.
The cause is to make their lifestyle easier, socialize and make day-to-day for children easier and more complete.

How do we contribute to the cause?

You do not need anything more than what you do in general - you buy what you need from Lensmarket.bg and the system automatically calculates what amount will be allocated to the fund. Nothing extra. Shopping You Help!

At the end of the year the total amount of all orders will be transferred to the school.
Let us prove together that we can all together!