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Keratoconus -1 pcs.

Special Keratoconus -1 pcs. Cantor+Nissel RGP Cantor+Nissel

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Brand: Cantor+Nissel
Product Code: Твърди лещи
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Keratoconus are hard contact lenses for the correction of keratoconus, made of materials that allow the eyes to breathe. Made of hard plastic and difficult to scratch. The lamination of protein deposits is significantly less than that of soft contact lenses.

Keratoconus retain their shape during blinking, so the eyes have to focus again. Have a UV filter.

Gas-permeable lenses require a longer period of adaptation.


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Delivery: 30 days

Material: Fluorocarbon material
Oxygen permeability: 30Dk, 60Dk, 90Dk, 151Dk
Diopter range: Unlimited
Radius: 5.40, 5.60, 5.80, 6.00, 6.20, 6.40, 6.60, 6.80, 7.00, 7.20
Diameter: 9.00
Regime of wear: Daily
Podmyana period: 1 Year

Здравейте Тони, това са твърди лещи, които се правят по индивидуална поръчка, параметрите могат да бъдат каквито са Ви нужни. Времето, за което се изработват и доставят тези твърди лещи е около месец (краен срок), понякога стават и по-бързо.
Предлагат ли се с радиус над 7.20 - примерно 7.80 или 8.00?

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