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Miru 1 Day Menicon (6 lenses)

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Brand: Menicon- Miru
Product Code: Еднодневни лещи
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"The first lenses that exist in a completely different dimension" - that's what new experts from the Japanese Menicon contact lens company are describing their new works.The company is well known and has proven itself in the world market.Experts carry out in-depth research in the field of silicone production - hydrogels for correction of vision.
Miru 1 day contact lens package is compact and comfortable: its height does not exceed 1 mm. It can therefore easily be worn in the bag or pocket. In addition, the blister is shaped so that the user can accurately determine the orientation of the lens. No wonder the company has been awarded numerous creative design awards.
The Míru 1 Day lenses are designed for one-day wear. There is no need to buy solutions for lenses and containers. This greatly facilitates the use process. These optical products are manufactured on the basis of Hioxifilcon A - a unique polymer with multiple free radicals actively attracting water molecules. The innovative CENTRAFORM centrifugal casting and polymerization technology was used to create the lens. This allows to maintain the natural balance of the tear fluid, which ensures optimal hydration throughout the period of use.
The high quality lenses have convinced thousands of users from around the world and left good views for them. They note: comfort, safety and quality correction of vision.

Material: Hioxifilcon A

Water content: 57%
Oxygen portability: Dk / t: 19
Base curvature: 8.6 mm
Diameter: 14.2 mm
Replacement period: Every day
Design: Aspherical

Manufacturer: Menicon - Japan

MaterialSilicon Hydrogel
Packingbox 6 pcs.
Type Correctionaspheric
Usage Perioddaily
Уникални лещи. Просто страхотни. Пробвайте !!! Тези японци знаят как да правят лещи. Благодаря на екипа на Ленсмаркет за препоръката.

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