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Miru 1 month Menicon (1 lens)

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Brand: Menicon- Miru
Product Code: Едномесечни лещи
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Well-known Japanese company Menicon, has launched innovative one-month silicone hydrogel contact lenses, Miru 1 Month! They help maintain the health of your eyes and provide high-quality viewing.

Contact lenses with a one-month replacement period Miru Menicon - Convenient optical contact with a high degree of oxygen transmission (161 dkt), which is much higher than that of analogue products. As a result, the eye breathes calmly, and you feel comfortable. With these contact lenses, you can forget about stress, fatigue and dry eyes after working with a computer.

The Miru lenses also feature an ultra-slim edge that provides comfortable wearing. The material from which contact lenses have been removed prevents the accumulation of harmful lipids and protein deposits so the image is clear even at the end of the lens wear.

The advantages of the model:

Thin edge of the lens;
Wear comfort;
Breathable material;
A surface resistant to the accumulation of harmful deposits.
Take Miru 1 Month if you want to provide eye comfort and a clear vision.

Material: Asmofilcon A
Water content: 40%
Oxygen Mobility: Dk / t: 161
Base curvature: 8.6 mm
Diameter: 14.0 mm
Replacement period: one month
Wearing mode: Remove before sleep, daily fitting and lowering

И аз съм със същия проблем като Савина - сухота в очите и всички контактни лещи много дразнят очите ми. Само с тези нямам този проблем. Много съм доволна
Имам сухота в очите и никоя друга марка не ми понася. Miru обаче са единствените, които не ми дразнят по никакъв начин.
Препоръчвам с 2 ръце. Уникален комфорт !

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