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Open 30 UV (1 lens)

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Safilens scientists present the new one-month contact lenses of Open 30 silicone hydrogel using the combined action of hyaluronic acid and TSP polysaccharide for a lasting and completely natural health effect.

Technical solutions

Filcon V Bio-silicone hydrogel (patented)
1. High oxygen permeability, Dk / t 65
2. Low modulus of elasticity, 0.40
3. Top quality morphology of the surface (ultra smooth)
4. Non-UV UV filter

Thin Aspherical Form, New Edge Profile
5. Peripheral, tangential "pumping" action with direct oxidation of tears
6. Intelligent face profile of the edge, protection from conjunctival injury, maximum comfort

Patented "Fusion" Technology
7. The progressively released copolymer, a natural tear replacement, consisting of hyaluronic acid and TSP polysaccharide, hydrates, lubricates, has a pronounced mucomimetic effect, protects and regenerates the cells.
8. Stabilize the tear film

Technical Characteristics

Filcon V material, SILIKON Hydrogel
water content 45%
Dk / t 65 (-3.00D) at 35 °

module 0.40 MPa
Coloring light blue, UV protection
base curve 8.70 MM

Diameter 14.10 mm
O.09 MM (-3.00 D)
center thickness 0.09 mm (-3.00 D)
Dioptrie from -0.50 to -6.00 (through 0.25) from -6.50 to -16.00 (through 0.50) from +0.50 to +4.00 (through 0.25) from +4.50 to +7.00 (via 0.50)
Monthly replacement mode
Manufacturer Safilens

ContentUV filter
MaterialSilicon Hydrogel
PackingBy 1 pc.
Type Correctionaspheric
Usage Periodmonthly
Едни от най-добрите лещи, които съм ползвал!

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