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OPTI - FREE Express 355 ml

OPTI - FREE Express 355 ml SOLUTIONS for Contact Lenses Ciba Vision - Alcon

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Brand: Alcon
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OPTI-FREE EXPRESS is a multipurpose solution that providesreal comfort. With this solution your lenses clean and comfortable by the end of the day.

With the solution OPTI-FREE EXPRESS you can forget about dryness, itching and fatigue andenjoy full comfort. The reason is the unique ingredient Tetronik 1304 *
which retains moisture on the lens and provides unsurpassed comfort even at the end of the day.So your lenses are like new throughout the day and you do not even feel them!To have a fresh look without redness throughout the day, you neobfodim OPTI-FREE EXPRESS.

Clean, disinfect and remove proteins from their contact lenses using OPTI-FREE EXPRESS

Rinse both sides of the lens with OPTI-FREE EXPRESS.
Fill the container for lenses with a fresh solution OPTI-FREE EXPRESS in date.
Allow the contact lenses in the container at night, but at least 6 hours.
Before re-use rinse the lenses on both sides.

If not used, the lens can be stored in tightly sealed container for 30 days.

Rules for maintaining contact lenses:

Remove the foil from the stopper completely new solution.
Always wash your hands before inserting or removing the lens.
Clean and disinfect your contact lenses after each download.
Always start with the right lens (exceptionally left) and follow the order of manipulation, not type lenses.
After removing the lens from the container, remove the remaining solution and let it dry.
Replace your contact lenses on a schedule determined by your eye doctor.

Добър разтвор и добра цена в този сайт!
Много съм доволна от разтвора. Супер качество ! Купувам си комплект и излиза доста изгодно, Поздрави
Любимият ми разтвор за лещи. Използвала съм няколко но този е неповторим. Много съм доволна и препоръчвам.
The best solution ever !!! Lowest price on the market in Bulgaria. Next day delivery! Thank you Lensmarket !
С радост давам коментара си. Спрямо другите разтвори. Цена качество, няма алтернатива. Благодаря за прекрасното отношение на Деси Анкова.

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