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Packages contact lenses and solutions. Choosing package contact lenses and solutions you spestityavate additional costs. Here you will find the most appropriate packages for contact lenses. Buy profitably.

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AIR OPTIX® HydraGlyde- breathable contact lenses made of a material that allows up to 5 times more oxygen than traditional soft contact lenses - for healthy-looking and healthy eyes.ADVANTAGES:    * Exclusive comfort of contact lenses     Up to 5 times more oxygen th..
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Buy promo  4 contact lenses Biofinity + Opti free Express 355m BIOFINITY 48% - month-spherical contact lens silicone - hydrogel continuous wear CooperVision, USA Innovative Aquaform technology - unique silicone "breathable" monomer, allowing oxygen to pass more efficiently th..
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Optima FW contact lenses with low water content, but it has its advantages because it requires plenty of eyes tear secretion.In these lenses feeling of dryness is extremely rare. Therefore Optima FW are particularly suitable in terms of dry and hot climate; when working on a computer; in patient..
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PureVision Contact new generation silicone hydrogel lenses specifically designed to ensure eye health, exceptional comfort and quality of your vision. Whatever the nature of your visual problem, PureVision ™ offers you the perfect balance between safety, constant comfort and excellent vision.L..
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See the world in High Definition. PureVision 2 prescription lenses with High Definition ™ Optics. Lenses that let you see your world in high resolution. Want more clear vision, especially in low light? PureVision2 on HD contact lenses are designed to reduce halos and glare, while giving you health..
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SOFLENS NATURAL COLORS NEW (2 pc.) + Renu 60ml -21%
Now change the color of your eyes is so easy, with colored lenses SofLens Natural Colors.Ten colors, among which you will surely find one that you feel irresistible!The new generation of colored lenses SofLens Natural Colors are made by special technology on the use of color. It is embedded ..
57.00лв. 45.00лв. Ex Tax: 45.00лв.
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Soft contact lenses Specialty 55% - are manufactured in advanced technology and have the following qualities:Perfect for beginners patients Excellent comfort and stability in the eye High water content Unique technology tangential lifting end that provides a slim profile everywhere Su..
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