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PureVision (1 pc.) +Gift Biotrue 60ml

PureVision (1 pc.) Monthly Contact Lenses Bausch + Lomb

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Brand: Bausch + Lomb
Product Code: Едномесечни лещи
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Contact new generation silicone hydrogel lenses specifically designed to ensure eye health, exceptional comfort and quality of your vision.
Whatever the nature of your visual problem, PureVision ™ offers you the perfect balance between safety, constant comfort and excellent vision.

Lenses PureVision, not a barrier to access of oxygen to the cornea, which ensures healthy their prolonged use.
They are made of a unique material that pushes the eye almost as much oxygen as it came to him when you do not wear contact lenses. Your eyes are calm and forget about discomfort and redness, which may have complained wearing traditional hydrogel lens material.
Confirmation of the exceptional qualities of the lenses PureVision is the fact that they are approved by the American Association of Food and Drug Administration as therapeutic (medical) lenses - are actively used by eye doctors as a "bandage" after eye surgery to help the healing process and reduce the pain and discomfort of touching the eyelid to the operated surface (in such cases, they stay in the operated eye to one month without downloading).

PureVision ™ lenses are preferred in these problematic and stressful situations eyes:

  • continuous operation of the computer
  • work in smoky conditions
  • complaints of flushing the eyes with lenses of traditional hydrogel materials
  • a feeling of dryness while wearing other lenses

Material: Balafilcon A (silicone hydrogel)
Water content: 36%
Oxygen permeability: Dk / t: 110
Base curve: 8,6 mm
Diameter: 14 mm
Regime of wearing: daily placement, extended wear (1-7 days) or long continuous wear up to 30 days
Changing period: one month
Manufacturer: BAUSCH + LOMB

BrandPure Vision
MaterialSilicon Hydrogel
PackingBy 1 pc.
Type Correctionspheric
Usage Periodmonthly
Ili az ne vijdam ili ne pi6e kakav cvqt sa le6tite?
Контактните лещи Purevision са оцветени в светло синьо.
Исках да питам .... С какво purevison 2 hd са по-добри от тези ?
Лещите Pure Vision 2HD са по-добри с това, че първо лещите са с добавена технология Comfort Moist, която осигурява много по-добър комфорт на носене през целия период. Също при намалена светлина се получават ореоли и отблясъци, зрението не е толкова контрастно. С Pure Vision 2HD този проблем е премахнат и виждате еднакво добре, както и на светло, така и на тъмно.
Ползвам лещите от 7 години, много съм доволна

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