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PureVision Multi-Focal (1 pc.)

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Brand: Bausch + Lomb
Product Code: Мултифокални лещи
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PureVision Multi-Focal - silicone multifocal contact lenses Bausch & Lomb

With contact lenses PureVision Multi-Focal you can see crystal clear at all distances - up close, far away and of the intermediate zone.

If at any stage of your life you find that you have trouble reading at close distances, do not worry. The most likely case of presbyopia - a natural condition that occurs after age 40. Due to the natural aging process of the lens of the eye, where it lost its elasticity. For the eye becomes difficult or impossible to focus objects at different distances. The ability to quickly change focus also deteriorated.

That have presbyopia does not mean that you necessarily need to buy reading glasses.

Lenses PureVision Multi-Focal Bausch & Lomb to have a unique design. It allows easy passage through all points of focus as significantly improves near vision, while also seeing far and intermediate distances, creating comfortable conditions for the eye throughout the day.

PureVision® Multi-Focal possess all the advantages of family contact lenses PureVision®:

HD VISION - crystal clear vision at every distance (at close of far and intermediate zone - eg. When using a computer), even under conditions of low light. This is due to the distinctive PureVision lens aspheric design that corrects for most of eyes innate imperfection called positive spherical aberration.
Access much more oxygen to the cornea than traditional hydrogel material (incl. Those with the highest water content). This ensures healthy use and gives the patient the opportunity to choose eye specialist with the most appropriate mode to wear:

  • remove nightly
  • sleeping with lenses from time to time
  • prolonged use without downloading 30 days

Permanent comfort due to the material's resistance to drying and reduced propensity to hold deposits on lentil surface. The reason for this is the special surface treatment called. Performa - patented technology of Bausch & Lomb.

The combination of a unique silicone-hydrogel material and the patented process of surface treatment creates a lens corresponding exactly to the needs of presbiopichnite eyes!

PureVision® Multi-Focal - only multifocal lenses approved by the American Association for food and medicine for one month continuously wear!

Material: Balafilcon A (silicone hydrogel)
Water content: 36%
Oxygen permeability: Dk / t: 112
Base curve: 8.6 mm
Diameter: 14 mm
Regime of wearing: daily placement, extended wear (1-7 days) or long continuous wear up to 30 days
Changing period: one month
Manufacturer: BAUSCH + LOMB, USA

BrandPure Vision
MaterialSilicon Hydrogel
PackingBy 1 pc.
Type Correctionmultifocal
Usage Periodmonthly
Здравейте, За да се установи диоптърът и добавката за мултифкоални лещи трябва да Ви бъде направен специален преглед за такива лещи. Посъветвайте се с Вашия очен лекар или се обадете на нашия телефон 0878 198 448, за да Ви насочим към специалист, който да извърши прегледа.
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