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PureVision Toric (6pcs.)

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Brand: Bausch + Lomb
Product Code: Торични лещи
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PureVision Toric Bausch + Lomb - soft silicone toric lenses

PureVision Toric are part of a new generation of contact lenses silicone hydrogel of Bausch & Lomb. They combine the advantages of a unique silicone-hydrogel material with the most successful in the world Lo-Torque design of prescription lenses for astigmatism.

Why are they different?

  • The material they are made of, is unique in its properties. He misses your cornea to a very high oxygen and ensures the health of your eyes.
  • For the manufacture of PureVision Toric used specific technology surface treatment, the lens through which remain always wet and clean of debris. This is an important prerequisite for exceptional comfort at any time.
  • PureVision Toric are the most stable toric lenses - they rotated the eye regardless of the position of the body and head, and this is the most important condition to enjoy consistently clear vision.
  • HD VISION - The design of PureVision Toric is such that not only provides good vision but improves its quality - even under adverse conditions (at reduced brightness when driving at night) the images are clear and sharp.
  • PureVision Toric give you freedom of choice as regards the wearing - daily placement, sleeping with lenses from time to time or long continuous wear up to 30 days. Discuss with your eye doctor which scheme is best suited for your lifestyle!


Material - Balafilcon A
Water content - 36%
Oxygen permeability - Dk / t: 112
Base curve - 8.7 mm
Regime of wear - Daily placement, extended wear (1-7 days) or continuous wear up to 30 days.
Changing period - One month
Manufacturer - BAUSCH + LOMB
Delivery - About 15 working days

BrandPure Vision
MaterialSilicon Hydrogel
Packingbox 6 pcs.
Type Correctiontoric
Usage Periodmonthly
Тези торични лещи са ми доста комфортни и удобни, именно те ме отказаха да нося очила!

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