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Special QUANTUM -1pc. RGP Contact lenses Bausch + Lomb

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Brand: Bausch + Lomb
Product Code: Твърди лещи
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The annual contact lenses have better optical properties. Quantum 1 and 2 are easy to use and with adequate support their life can reach up to 12 months.

Quantum 1 and 2 have a high ratio of oxygen permeability, allowing your eyes to "breathe." These lenses are resistant to the accumulation of protein deposits on the surface and is not scratched.

The slight blue color makes them easily visible in the container. The spherical design of the optical zone provides excellent visual acuity and asphericity periphery contributes to comfortable fit.

This product is a special order and require 50% down payment!
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Delivery: about 20 days

Quamtum 1

Material: A Siflufocon
Oxygen permeability: 55 Dk
Diameter: 9.00 mm mm9.60 mm10.20
Basic krivinaOt 6.60 to 8.40 mm (0.05 mm in)
DioptriOt -25.00 D to +25.00 D
Mode wear off before sleep
Changing period:  1 year
Quantum 2
Material: A Hexafocon
Oxygen permeability: 130 Dk
Diameter: 9.00 mm mm9.60 mm10.20
Base curve: From 6.60 to 8.40 mm (0.05 mm in)
Diopters From -25.00 D to +25.00 D
Regime of wear: take off before sleep
Changing period: 1 Year

Quantum 2 e c dk 100

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