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Vision Comfort drops (Moisturizing) 15ml. 2+1 Gift

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Vision Comfort are eye drops that protect, moisturize and soothe tired and irritated eyes.

Vision Comfort contains sodium hyaluronate and Ochanka extract (Euphrasia officinalis), an herb known for its properties in the treatment of eye problems. Ochanka extract has anti-inflammatory action, which is why it is used to soothe the eyes, support the treatment and prevention of eyelid inflammation. and non-infectious conjunctiva.

Hypromellose in their composition helps maintain eye lubrication. Vision Comfort are recommended for itching, burning and foreign body sensation. The drops can be applied using contact lenses.


Preservative: Polyhexanide (0.0001%)
Lubricant: Hypromellose 0.3% & Hyaluronate
Viscosity: 5-14
Osmolarity: 300 (isotonic)
Shelf life: 60 days
Packaging: 15 ml.

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